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July 09, 2007

NyteTyme Immobilizer

There are SO many products on the market today that promise to relieve your shoulder pain, and it is often difficult to wade through the exaggerations in order to find those that are actually going to be helpful and worthwhile. The NyteTyme Immobilizer is definitely one worth "wading" for.
In an earlier post I referenced a nighttime shoulder brace that had amazing results in a study at The American College of Sports Medicine, and this is the brace I was talking about. The Immobilizer acts to simulate the natural position of the shoulder in the daytime, avoiding the normal nighttime shoulder positions that cause the chronic pain by pinching important parts of the joint.

The results of using the Immobilizer are amazing both because of the brace's effectiveness, and also its speed. As I mentioned before, patients only had to use the brace for a month before they saw drastic results when compared to traditional shoulder pain treatments.

The Immobilizer is a treatment option that gives hope to those who had given up on relief of their chronic shoulder pain as a result of a rotator cuff tear or other shoulder condition.   

Widespread Pain

Shoulder pain is commonly only one of many types of joint pain that a person will face during their lifetime. Whether it is the shoulder and the knee, the ankle and the shoulder, or any combination of any other joint, joint pain is an issue that is rarely restricted to a single location.

This is why sufferers should be aware of the differences in the pain that they are going through, even though the only difference they may assume between shoulder and knee pain is the location of the familiar torment. A great tool for educating oneself on the different types of joint pain is at Joint Pain Info.

Joint Pain Info has an extensive database on ten different types of joint pain, which leaves a lot of introductory information within reach of those who may find themselves with unfamiliar afflictions, and even less familiar solutions.