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4 posts from March 2012

March 25, 2012

Social media is great but sometimes a good old fashioned news story is what a product needs

WDIV in Detroit did a great piece on the rotatoreliever.  Please check it out.  Thanks. 


March 11, 2012

Why I invented a device that cures shoulder pain

Well, what can I say?  The idea came to me in the middle of the night.  From that point on this idea had me more than I had it.  

The rotatoreliever is practical.  You treat yourself at home.  It has a money back guarantee and it has great research to back it up.  

Getting the idea is the easy part.  Changing the way the world thinks about shoulder pain is a bit tougher. The road has been a bit long.  Testimonials like those below are what keep me going.  Check them out. 




March 09, 2012

Rotatoreliever helps shoulder pain in the gym

One of things I am most proud of with the Rotatoreliever is how we have been able to reduce shoulder pain across the age span.  The youngest has been my nephew, on the varsity crew team at Fordham Prep in NY.  He is 16.  The oldest has been a 93 year old great great grandmother.  Shoulder pain is nondiscriminating, it even afflicts those who pump iron.  The root of most shoulder pain is muscle imbalance.  Weightlifters and regular exercises are far from immune from shoulder pain.  

Check out the story of Shaun Mirijaveda.  He is the strongest guy I have met over the last 2 years.  



March 06, 2012

Why does ice help shoulder pain?

Honestly, patients think I am blowing them off when I tell them ice helps and they should ice twice daily for the joints that are hurting. 

Why does it work?  Well at some point in the inflammatory process starts working against in the joint.  Inflammation is the response to damage and initially is part of the healing process.  Unfortunately the inflammatory process can become a bit of a train out of cotnrol. It is in your bests interests shut down the inflammatory process in your joints.  

Ice shuts down inflammation.  Inflammation is a series of chemical reactions involving many different enzymes and cells.  This meshwork of inflammation requires a certain temperature to work well.  Ice lowers the temperature and decreased the speed of chemical reactions and overall decreases the amount of inflammation. 

A key is to do it.  Generally making it easier is a good idea.  I love the products at Coldone.com very convenient and keep your joints plenty cold.