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February 28, 2012

My favorite shoulder pain testimonial

Yes, I do run this shoulder pain blog site that I do try to run as unbiased as possible, but (full-disclosure) I do run a company that sells Rotatoreliever.  The rotatoreliever is the best, most effective, noninvasive and guaranteed shoulder pain relief product on the market.

We do believe in research and have published amazing results with our product.  Research is fun, but getting testimonials is funner. 

We have enjoyed some amazing testimonials regarding customers that have enjoyed relief of chronic pain. Certainly the athletes that we have returned to high level competition have been great, but getting the older folks better is even more gratifying.  

The problem older patients face is that, for some, the medical profession has given up on their shoulder pain.  These people frequently have multiple medical problems, they have already failed physical therapy and even my aggressive orthopedic colleagues won't touch them with a surgeons knife.

So of the hundreds of testimonials that I have gotten, my favorite is Mrs. Pruitt of Muskegon Michigan. I received the testimonial on very thin paper about 6 by 8 inches.  The letter was typed.  My only truly typewritten communication in about 15 years.  

Mrs. Pruitt could not reach up to her cupboards.  The stools were not high enough and she could not get her arms above the level of her shoulders.  She had scheduled a contractor to come in to lower the cupboards to counter height throughout the kitchen.  After using our product for 10 days she was able to cancel the contractor.

Hey, I am a practical man offering a practical solution.  This testimonial resonated.  

Thanks for reading,

Dr. C 


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