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February 19, 2012

Male stinky crotch syndrome

Ok.  I am going to deviate from my typical subject matter of the painful shoulder.  I am after all a family doctor and I see all kinds of problems every day.  

Recently I have had a number of guys complain about the stinky crotch.  These patients note that no matter how often they shower and soap they get a gross smell from the netherworld of the crotch.  This disappoints for many reasons.  

These guys are not dumb.  They have already essentially eliminated jock itch or as we like to say in the medical world tinea crura.  They do not have a rash and there is no itch.  Often they have already tried antifungal powders to no avail.  

What is going on?  Gram negative bacteria.  Yes the bacteria that allows our digestive system to work and makes our farts smell is the culprit.  Why you ask does the soap not work?  Well, gram negatives are tough.  Some of them essentially develop a resistence to antibacterial soap.  

What is a man to do?  Throw those bacteria a curveball.  Get a stronger soap to use for a few days in a row when the smell starts to waft.  I recommend Hibiclens.  This is a medical grade soap and used to scrub areas before surgery.  Good stuff.  Use this for a few days and the smell should be gone.  Do not continually use it as you do not really want the little buggers getting used to that as well.  

Good luck, don't stink and you do not have to take 3 showers a day as some blogs have suggested. 

Dr. C


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