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February 17, 2012

Changing the way the world thinks about shoulder pain

I have been on an 8 year journey.  It started at 2AM in March of 2004.  I had my euraka moment as my shoulder was screaming in pain as it had done for many of the previous nights.  I was sitting in bed and pulled my wrist down towards the end of the bed.  Ahhhh that felt better.  I jumped up and went into my closet and got an ace bandage and tied one end to my wrist and the other end to some weights I had.  I had the weights hanging off the end of the bed and it was the best night sleep I had in several weeks.  

I awoke the next morning intrigued that this could help the masses I was seeing in my family practice with shoulder pain.  I tweeked the system and made it go from wrist to the leg with an elastic band and dropped the weights.  I will forever be indebted to some of my first patients that were guinea pigs for my contraption.  They told me what worked and what didn't. I tweeked some more. 

I wanted to be legitimate.  I wanted to do research.  I confessed to my wife that I had this dream and cobbled together $12,000 and commissioned a professional company to do the research.  The results were dramatic.  Everyone who used the brace got better.  I presented the research at the American College of Sports Medicine national meeting.  I was cheered.  

I thought my message would get out.  I thought the brilliant captains of health industry would embrace me. That did not quite happen.  All the companies told me they just could not charge enough for it.  Additionally it just cost too much money to teach doctors something new.  I was shocked.  I mean 40 million Americans have shoulder pain and I had the answer and they could not figure out how to get it to market.  

I licked my wounds.  I pondered.  I learned about internet marketing.  

OK we will go directly to consumers.  This time was a blessing because we were able to develop the best possible shoulder exercise regimen and add it to the product.

We became the Rotatoreliever.  

We started selling in August of 2010.  We have sold 2500 units (as of today).  The feedback has been remarkable.  We are so confident that it works that we have a money back guarantee (rare in a health related product).  The feedback has been unreal and humbling.  We have gotten 93 year old grandmothers and 22 year old MMA fighters better.  

This has been the most exciting project of my life.  Challenging for sure, but rewarding beyone belief.  

Thanks for reading and help me get the word out about the Rotatoreliever.

Dr. C


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