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February 02, 2011

Dr. Carroll's Rotary Presentation

Dr. Carroll was recently invited to speak to the Rotary Club of Traverse City about the ROTATORELIEVER and his story.

The current Traverse City Rotary newsletter has a nice summary of the presentation.  Click here to download and read the pdf.

Here's a snippet:

Mike_rotary Physician, Heal Thyself
(and then pass the cheese, please)

“I have a passion for shoulder pain!”  That’s how Traverse City’s own Dr. Mike Carroll, inventor of the ROTATORELIEVER, kicked off his presentation on Tuesday.

40 million Americans share this same passion with Dr. Carroll – it’s hard not to be passionate about a pain that, unlike any other, is deep-seated and can endlessly persist for joyless days and sleepless nights.

As founder of the local YMCA’s popular lacrosse league, Dr. Carroll did what a lot of us aging athletes in denial do – he took up the sport again.  But rather than let the ensuing rotator cuff injury he suffered hold him back, on a sleepless night, out of exasperation, he fashioned a makeshift traction device from bandages to keep his  shoulder and arm extended down at his side.  (He actually tied one end of the bandage to his wrist and the other to the bed!)  

It worked.  Within days his pain had practically vanished.  The physician had healed  himself!

Click here to read the complete summary.


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