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3 posts from December 2010

December 28, 2010

Shoulder Pain Q & A

Q: I had surgery on my shoulder but it was not successful. I am 80 years old and the pain is getting worse. I go to therapy and take pain medication. Would your device help me?

A: We have successfully treated an 80 yr old with a torn rotator cuff. We also received feedback last week from an 87 year old who going to have her kitchen cupboards lowered as she could no longer reach them, but after using the ROTATORELIEVER, this pain is gone.

December 22, 2010


For those that are interested in learning more about the ROTATORELIEVER, we do have a YouTube channel that features video clips of how the product works, testimonials and interviews with customers, and a one-on-one with Dr. Carroll along with his story of how he developed the ROTATORELIEVER.



December 02, 2010

Have You Shared Your Story?

Our weekly Hate shoulder pain?  'Like' ROTATORELIEVER contest is well underway. 

We've announce three winners in three weeks.  Have you shared your shoulder pain story for a chance to win a ROTATORELEIVER? 

It's quite simple.  Visit the us on Facebook,  Click the "Like" button.  Share you shoulder pain story in the comment box.  That's it.  Every week the ROTATORELIEVER team chooses a random winner.