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November 16, 2010


That's right.

We’d like to hear your story.

Tell us about it by becoming a fan on Facebook and become qualified for ROTATORELIEVER’S “Hate shoulder pain?  Like ROTATORELIEVER” contest.

A winning entry will be chosen weekly by Dr. Michael Carroll, M.D., inventor of ROTATORELIEVER.  And that applicant will receive the FREE and guaranteed medical product shipped to their address.

Contestants can also increase their chances of winning by sending a video clip describing their pain.

“ROTATORELIEVER has had remarkable success in healing shoulder pain,” explains Dr. Carroll.   “Our goal is to help people get better.  And we’re realizing that by the feedback we’re receiving from satisfied customers.”

There are no coupons to clip or forms to complete.  “Just tell us your story on Facebook.”

That’s the invitation from Dr. Carroll,  whose patent-pending medical device is guaranteed to relieve and even heal the shoulder pain suffered by millions of people annually.


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Mr. Jackson, 
That is an amazing story.  Sepsis is to terrifying as a doctor, let alone someone who has had it.
Also impressed by the 400pounds.  That shoulder was really strong at one point.  
Our product is very very practical and therefore very effective. Our research, track record and testimonials all speak to how well the Rotatoreliever works.  Our product will strengthen the foundation of the shoulder and prevent injury at night.  That will improve function and relieve pain.  It is that simple.  

We have a money-back guarantee.  I would strongly recommend you try it.  
Also for the first 2 weeks you are on the system I recommend you lay your upper body workout.
Good luck.
Dr. C

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