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August 22, 2007

The Results of Shoulder Treatments

Treating shoulder pain is often a scary idea for patients who may very well require drastic surgery in order to resolve their issues. However, the daily agony of joint pain isn't something that must be stomached,  and patients do not need to shrug off the pain as a normal aspect of aging.

Physical therapy and drug treatment are normal catagories of treatments that shoulder pain patients across the globe are normally prescribed. In cases even more serious, physical therapy and drugs are not enough to relieve the pain and shoulder replacement surgery is a treatment that can often deliver amazing results.

Dr. Alampallam Venkatachalam
over at Shoulder Surgery, Arthroscopy, Stabilization, Slap Repair India has some great posts documenting the results of some of these treatment options. Keeping in mind the original condition that many of these patients had been in before treatment, some of the results are amazing.


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Hi I am suffering from shoulder pain for last 3 yrs. In a small accident i felt as if my shoulder came out & went back in the socket. The pain was intolerable for 7-8 days. But after some home treatments it went back fine.
But soon i realize my shoulder makes a cracking noise each time i rotate it. I cant even throw. I did MRI scans Dr told me to under went operation but as i wasn’t keen to have metals inside my body.
He suggested me physiotherapy which helped a lot. I was back in the GYM lifting heavy weights. Just recently while playing football same stuff happened again. I am having the same pain again should i under went physiotherapy or Get it operated and get the pain removed once in for all.

Please let me know the success rate of this operation. Can i do all the stuff which i want to do like lots of sports & workout once i am fully fit. I can manage to wait for 1 yr or even more. But i want to be normal or strong just the way my shoulder was. Please assist

At this point I will speak in somewhat generalities as I do not have the details. Basically I think that if you did well on physiotherapy in the past and had a prolonged good response then do it again before surgery option.
Good luck,
Dr. Mike

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