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July 21, 2007

Rotator Cuff Injuries Aren't Only for Pitchers

Shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries are not restricted to the professional athletes. As I have posted before, there is nothing that protects the rotator cuff and shoulder of the weekend amateur athlete from the professional pitcher - both groups of people are straining their shoulder in ways that could quickly become tears in the rotator cuff that require medical attention.

I just stumbled upon a post from the Purple Medical Blog that illustrates this same conclusion titled "Shoulder Pain: Does Your Shoulder Hurt? Maybe Its Your Rotator Cuff". As the author writes, both the amateur athlete or normal Joe share the same "repetitive stress on the shoulder" as the professional athletes who are seen hurling baseballs at 90 miles an hour through 9 innings.

What is important to realize is that your shoulder CAN be suffering from a serious condition that requires the same medical attention as the baseball pitcher, even if you aren't on the mound for the Detroit Tigers.


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