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July 14, 2007

Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone: Or Did It?

Recent review of shoulder pain causes.  A recent article in Annals of Rheumatic Diseases authors, Bone and Tooper, looked at how prolonged exposure to repetitive activity at work can cause shoulder pain.  In their study, they noted that population based studies suggest a lifetime prevalence of over 70% for neck and shoulder pain.  The study also found that shoulder pain was second only to back pain and workers’ compensation insurance claims.  They also found that the risk of developing shoulder pain when starting a new job was related to the amount of lifting above someone’s head as well as exposure to monotonous work.  They concluded that shoulder pain is a common problem among working age adults and contributes importantly to sick leave. 

An association between workplace factors in such symptoms they noted that evidence continues to accumulate factors such as prolonged abnormal posture and repetition contribute markedly to shoulder pain. They also noted that more recent studies have considered the psycho-social influences such as monotony of work and the amount of stress might also contribute to shoulder pain.

In their conclusions, they call for more studies looking at psycho-social stressors as wells as repetative movement and how it can be modified in order to prevent further injuries to the shoulder in the workplace setting.


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I can say that hard work awlays leads to back pain! I hope to find some cure soon!

Good article.

From personal experience, I can attest to the fact that hard work does in fact lead to back pain, as the gentleman above states, as I regularly suffered from back pain during my time as a labourer at a timber yard.

What interests me about this website, and this article in particular, is, if monotonous and prolonged pressure is placed on the shoulder joint from work and causes pain, what are the effects of bench pressing on the shoulder?

Could hard work to cause dislocaitons or something like this and to give you back pain?

Hard work can give you back pain but does not cause shoulder dislocations. Does that help?

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