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June 30, 2007

Relief from Shoulder Pain With Pilates

Shoulder pain is an issue that plagues millions of Americans from all walks of life. But, luckily, there are many different methods to deal with that shoulder pain, so many that there are relief techniques that can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

I have posted earlier on the benefits of steroid injections, or even joint replacement surgery, but over at How to Deal With Shoulder Pain by Carol, a Pilates Instructor in the United Kingdom, she explores many other treatments that can provide relief.

One of the options that Carol posted on that I found most interesting was How Pilates Can Help With Shoulder Pain. As Carol writes, "Pilates has proven beneficial for persons with shoulder pain as a method to avoid surgery, prepare for surgery or rehabilitate after surgery."

While Pilates is definitely not the traditional physical therapy that most doctors have in mind when they suggest it to their patients, it is definitely an option that those who suffer from shoulder pain may want to explore.


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I have had frozen shoulder 2x. It is very painful. I had to have the scar tissue torn with no anesthesia. Not fun.

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