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3 posts from June 2007

June 30, 2007

Relief from Shoulder Pain With Pilates

Shoulder pain is an issue that plagues millions of Americans from all walks of life. But, luckily, there are many different methods to deal with that shoulder pain, so many that there are relief techniques that can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

I have posted earlier on the benefits of steroid injections, or even joint replacement surgery, but over at How to Deal With Shoulder Pain by Carol, a Pilates Instructor in the United Kingdom, she explores many other treatments that can provide relief.

One of the options that Carol posted on that I found most interesting was How Pilates Can Help With Shoulder Pain. As Carol writes, "Pilates has proven beneficial for persons with shoulder pain as a method to avoid surgery, prepare for surgery or rehabilitate after surgery."

While Pilates is definitely not the traditional physical therapy that most doctors have in mind when they suggest it to their patients, it is definitely an option that those who suffer from shoulder pain may want to explore.

June 20, 2007

Education is Often the Key

As is the case with every type of medical condition, education is the foundation upon which relief can be achieved. This "foundation" can often be built with the help of doctors and physicians who have spent a large portion of their life learning about the common ailments that afflict the population.

However, I just found a tool that can help educate those who suffer from joint pain, but without the cost of a consultation with someone with a Ph.D. This is Dr. Gordon Cameron's ebook, which he is publishing for free on his joint enterprise site. As his site writes: The book covers everything from the anatomy of how your shoulder works to the problem of choosing a therapist.

In an age in which the Internet makes information access and fabrication so easy, it is often hard to find help that is verifiable and from an actual expert. However, Dr. Cameron's ebook is the advice of an expert at the cost of Wikipedia.

June 16, 2007

Frozen Shoulders

Frozen shoulder is a disorder that often arises from a lack of use, commonly arising from pain in the shoulder. When one is afflicted with what doctors call adhesive capsulitis, referring to the actual adherence of the shoulder capsule to the humeral head, the shoulder severely loses mobility and the patient experiences severe shoulder pain.

Many of the traditional treatments for frozen shoulder are similar to those of chronic shoulder pain: anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy. Sometimes doctors even use electrical nerve stimulation in order to block the pain receptors and reduce the shoulder pain.

However, A New Way To Treat Frozen Shoulder may be on the horizon as reported by Gordon Cameron, MD over at Joint Enterprise. His post reports a study presented at the American College of Rheumatology that suggests that synovial fluid replacement products may be a useful tool in treating frozen shoulder.

While these injection fluids are often used for patients who are suffering from knee arthritis, doctors may soon find them in their new quiver of shoulder pain treatment options.