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June 20, 2007

Education is Often the Key

As is the case with every type of medical condition, education is the foundation upon which relief can be achieved. This "foundation" can often be built with the help of doctors and physicians who have spent a large portion of their life learning about the common ailments that afflict the population.

However, I just found a tool that can help educate those who suffer from joint pain, but without the cost of a consultation with someone with a Ph.D. This is Dr. Gordon Cameron's ebook, which he is publishing for free on his joint enterprise site. As his site writes: The book covers everything from the anatomy of how your shoulder works to the problem of choosing a therapist.

In an age in which the Internet makes information access and fabrication so easy, it is often hard to find help that is verifiable and from an actual expert. However, Dr. Cameron's ebook is the advice of an expert at the cost of Wikipedia.


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downloaded the ebook, it has a wealth of information

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