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May 07, 2007

New Shoulder Therapy

Given that 90 + percent of shoulder pain is due to rotator cuff tendonitis it is worthwhile to consider those therapies set focusing on rotator cuff tendonitis. A recent study presented at The American College of Sports Medicine showed impressive results with using a nighttime brace to treat rotator cuff and tendonitis.

The study started with all patients receiving traditional care, which included hands on anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. However, half the patients then received an additional treatment of a nighttime brace that they wore for one month. The study was blinded. The results showed remarkable 100% improvement in those people who used the brace on a regular basis.

The patients did not need to wear the brace for more than three weeks. Only 50% of those in the group not using the brace got better over a one month period. This small but powerful study did reach statistical significance. This brace does represent new and exciting therapy to deal with this incredibly common problem of rotator cuff tendonitis.


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